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Contorno-corporal - tratamento para a Celulite Curitiba


Treatments that take care of your skin quality, skin sagging, fat accumulation, depression areas and, mostly, harmonious perception of your body silhouette. The ideal is the harmony of  the body.

Contorno Facial - tratamento para a pele Curitiba


Over the years, our face suffers changes with weight variations, hormonal changes and aging process associated with the action of gravity. Our treatments promote effective and lasting changes.

Núcleot da pele - Massoterapia Curitiba


Relaxing massages, shiatsu, bamboo therapy, hot stone therapy and various other alternative treatments that strengthen, balances the body and make it much more resistant to diseases.

Contorno Corporal - tratamento para a pele Curitiba


Núcleo da Pele is always at the forefront of global aesthetic technology. Our clinic has the best equipments to provide you with safe and effective treatments for your body and face.



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