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The new concept of Dermotechnology combines the latest discoveries in medicine results of the latest technological developments in equipment and laser devices, producing excellent results in the appearance, tone and skin texture.


Center of excellence in Dermotechnology

Núcleo da pele - tratamento para a celulite Curitiba
Núcleo da pele - tratamento para a pele Curitiba
Dermotecnologia - tratamento para a pele Curitiba
Núcleo da pele - tratamento para a celulite Curitiba
Núcleo da pele - tratamento para a pele Curitiba
Núcleo da Pele - Clínica de Estética Curitiba

Excellence services with innovative technologies that improve your appearance and promote health and wellness.

Núcleo da Pele was born of the need to provide quality and excellence in products and services in the segment of aesthetics and wellness. The work philosophy adds knowledge of the medical field, in particular, the concept of evidence-based medicine results. The services and technologies used are intended to obtain effective improvements by treatments that have a major role in the solution of the main aesthetic complaints that affects men and women. Thats why Nucleo da Pele treatments produce visible and verifiable results with minimally-invasive actions.

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Find out the benefits that Nucleo da Pele offers

Núcleo da Pele - Tratamentos para a pele Curitiba

Orientations and recommendations:

Important informations for your appearance, health and wellness

Contorno Facial - tratamento para a pele Curitiba

Specialized care:

A unique approach to each client

We always give orientations with updated technological content transmitted in plain and clear language to make powerful changes in your lifestyle. These changes go beyond exterior appearances, they also produce an important aid in obtaining an effective improvement in your self-esteem.

Núcleo da Pele’s concern is that you feel beautiful and also happy with your appearance and yourself. Our service is focused comprehensive development of wellness, both in body and mind.

The frequent stimulus for healthy eating, sun protection, adequate use of beauty products, prevention of stress and physical activities use, function as a mantra key in the maintenance and improvement of therapies performed here at Núcleo da Pele.

The respect for individual characteristics, emotional as well as biotype and metabolism, personalize treatments and, above all, value people that looks for Nucleo da Pele.

Have the satisfaction of being served by professionals who understand and respect your individual characteristics, and are able to develop specific therapies to address your needs.

Núcleo da Pele - Clínica de Estética Curitiba

Sophistication and technology

Last generation equipments

Núcleo da Pele - Tratamentos para a pele Curitiba


To care and respect with minimum degree-invasive treatments

The facilities offer safety, comfort and sophistication. The equipments selected to carry out the treatments have the recommendation of the most important centers of global reference in the area of aesthetic and wellness, all being used and updated with all the technical accuracy and security.

The professionals at Núcleo da Pele receive trainings about the appliance and equipments that operate, demonstrating absolute control of its operation system.

Núcleo da Pele offers minimum degree-invasive treatments, do you don’t need to disconnect yourself from day-to-day activities. This approach, to care and respect, ensures that you receive the best treatment possible, with fully verifiable and reliable results.

We deliver aesthetic improvements with a gentle approach, and that is the ideal Núcleo da Pele wants to offer everyone looking for our services.


Experienced professionals and continually trained

Núcleo da Pele is composed of a team of professionals in the area of physiotherapy functional dermatology and specialized technologists in cosmetic facial and body aesthetics. The update in courses and events in the area, coupled with the vast experience makes this team special and committed to safety and efficiency in the use of therapeutic methods accepted internationally.

We have professionals whose passion is to make a unique and unforgettable experience for the customer.

Make an appointment and check out the benefits only Nucleo da Pele can offer.

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