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Treatments that take care of skin quality, sagging, fat accumulation, depression areas, and mostly harmonious perception of body silhouette. The desired ideal is always the balance of forms as in the posterior region surrounding the flanks and buttocks, when seeking a definition of the waist portion and a projection of the buttocks.


Fat loss in the most difficult regions

The accumulation of fat in the central portion of the body, especially the abdomen, flanks and outer thighs is a female trait due to the estrogen hormone stimulation. Hormone receptors end up directing the deposit of fat in this region of the body, causing discomfort and difficulty in achieving the desired dummy. The use of massage techniques and accompanied lymphatic drainage treatments with active ingredients threads, which can be enhanced by iontophoresis, produce effective improvement. Technologies involving electrical microcurrent, Endermologie, ultrasound, radiofrequency, infrared and lasers are used properly and with training by professionals at Núcleo da Pele.


Firmer, healthier and younger skin

The loss of skin tone and subcutaneous fat tissue lead to complaints of sagging in various regions of the body. Arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks region are affected too often. This process is related to changes in weight, physical deconditioning, post-gestational and chronological aging.

Typically, in such cases, general measures involving the change of nutritional habits and physical activity, with the application of massage accompanied by firming creams with active ingredients are instituted. Expert judgment usually indicates the combination of technologies that stimulate the production and remodeling of collagen stimulation by electrical microcurrent, endermologie, radiofrequency, lasers and photomology.


Increasingly uniform skin

Cellulite is a disease of the subcutaneous tissue, where fat cells are. Initially fluid retention and accumulation of remnants of cellular metabolism due to circulatory changes, and evolutionary way ends up producing a chronic inflammation that causes deformities and nodules on the skin surface due to fibrous scar retraction.

Cellulite is caused by multiple factors, including genetic and family influences , and other endogenous hormonal changes, environmental factors and lifestyle habits . Approximately 90 % of the female population is likely to develop some degree of cellulite to long life. As genetic factors are involuntary , we should focus on other factors, acting preventively.

Proper diet and regular physical activity are also important in the treatment of cellulite.

There are varying degrees of intensity of cellulite, it is clear that since this is an evolutionary process, the earlier start prevention and treatment, the greater the chance of success and control of clinical outcome.

There are several treatment modalities for cellulite, and usually what is stated is a specialized assessment to determine the best treatment strategy, depending on the degree and the changes that are present in the subcutaneous tissue and skin of the affected area. The therapeutic techniques used in Núcleo da Pele are: diet, physical activity, creams, lymphatic drainage, electrotherapy, ultrasound, endermologie, radio and photomology.


Better looking skin

In stretch marks occurs the breakup of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis occurs, leading to a thinning and widening structural loss. The treatments involve alternative stimulus for collagen production, skin contraction and closure of new vessels. The appearance of the groove varies from red to become whitish tone, according to the time elapsed since its appearance. The younger and therefore reddish is the rib, the greater the chance to stop its evolution and reverse the structural changes of the skin with the treatments. Topical creams containing acids, moisturizers, and microcurrent technologies, radio frequency and lasers produce significant improvements.


Permanent removal of unwanted hair

Unwanted hair in a body region, especially in the armpits and groin, may be treated with the best technologies for the permanent reduction of hair at Núcleo da Pele. Hair in these regions cause discomfort and impair the appearance, interfering with the wellness, and can be reduced or even eliminated with laser treatments. The evaluation of skin characteristics, its location and the type of the patient’s skin, will define which type of technologie will be used: pulsed light or laser. Security in application, speed, efficiency and minimal soreness are benchmarks for excellence in the use of laser hair removal.


Special care after plastic surgery

The initial postoperative lymphatic drainage plays a fundamental role in the rehabilitation of trauma surgery and eliminating accumulated fluids. In the case of plastic and liposuction of the abdomen, the preparation for the surgery and complete recovery and improvement achieved with the treatment are enhanced with the use of manual lymphatic drainage.

At Núcleo da Pele, these patients who underwent body contouring with liposuction surgeries are treated postoperatively with photomology, which is a laser technique that accelerates the recovery of traumatized tissues, prevents the formation of surface irregularities and stimulating the contraction of the skin. In the late post operative techniques with microcurrent, ultrasound, endermologie, lasers and radiofrequency serve to make the maintenance of measures and body contour achieved with plastic surgery.


Redução da retenção de líquidos O acúmulo de líquidos no organismo, devido a vários fatores, produz situações clínicas prejudiciais à saúde e também participa na formação de condições inestéticas como, por exemplo, a própria celulite. O Núcleo da Pele é referência em drenagem linfática e possui profissionais continuamente capacitados para o domínio da técnica. A drenagem linfática é uma forma especial de massagem destinada a melhorar as funções essenciais do sistema linfático por meio de manobras precisas, leves, suaves, lentas e rítmicas que obedecem ao trajeto do sistema linfático superficial. A drenagem linfática é utilizada com grande eficácia no pré e pós-operatório das cirurgias plásticas, auxiliando na qualidade do trabalho do cirurgião e no bem-estar do paciente.


Attenuation of postoperative scars

The surgery, no matter how well they are conducted, will produce permanent sequelae, which are post-surgical scars. The quality of the scars depends on several factors, including the individual reaction of each person. We have a number of treatment options to alleviate the unsightly appearance of marks resulting from post-surgical scars. Our treatments include application of appropriate products and creams, laser treatments and special recommendations on feeding and care.


Maintaining a beautiful skin

The skin with proper hydration has a healthy appearance, with nice texture and shine. This concept is critical because we are our skin, and through it to differentiate present ourselves to the world. The body aesthetics starts with proper skin hydration, a critical care for those who want to have beautiful skin. Núcleo da Pele There are various treatment options that help to improve the quality, texture and skin tone. Our treatments involve the application of appropriate beauty products and cosmetics, recommendations for their use, as well as guidelines for personal care and healthy habits.

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