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The face suffers lifelong changes that accompany changes in weight, hormonal changes and aging process associated with the action of gravity. The treatments offered by Núcleo da Pele or improving body contour is minimally-invasive, does not depart from the usual activities and promote real and lasting change. The laser technologies, radiofrequency and ultrasound used are innovative, next-generation, being applied by qualified professionals committed to provide the best care.


Younger and more beautiful skin

Treatment of skin with signs of aging, results of chronological process and the action of solar radiation, should be started early. It is important to take care with sun protection and maintain the habit of using creams with active ingredients at home. The realization of skin cleansing and removing the cover of dead cells with mild chemical peels and masks moisturizers crystal produce an improvement in skin texture and service. Facial rejuvenation can be achieved in a minimally- invasive manner with technologies available on Núcleo da Pele which stimulate collagen production and remodeling of damaged fibers . Translation of the skin can be felt by an improvement in texture and reduction in sagging of the treated areas. The laser equipments , ultrasound , electrotherapy and radiofrequency enable this effect , without requiring removal of the usual activities and with minimal discomfort during application.


Firmer, healthier and younger skin

The association of home treatments with cosmeceutical creams and treatments with special masks containing active ingredients cause mild acids, in a controlled manner, becomes a superficial chemical peel. The skin responds with an accelerated cell turnover process, which is nothing more than a shortening in the time that a skin cell fulfills its paths from the germinal layer to its expression in the superficial portion of the cornea. This effect can also be achieved through the use of physical agents with jet crystal, RF, electrotherapy, ultrasound and laser.


Uniform and unmarked skin

The patches of skin due to sun exposure and the aging process can be treated using superficial peels associated with the application of masks containing active bleaching ingredients. Depending on the severity of the stains, you may need to perform frequent treatments until the skin improves. At Núcleo da Pele, we have radiofrequency technologies that make more efficient to maintain the whitening effect of the spots. We also use special cosmetic products for removing stains, as well as specific recommendations for care of each skin type.


Reduction and control of skin oiliness

Acne is a very common medical condition in teenagers and young adults and is related to changes in the resident bacterial flora in the hair follicle. These bacteria will grow and eventually invade the adjacent skin, and consequently lead to a skin infection, with formation of pustules and nodules inflammatory. At Núcleo da Pele, we have several alternative treatments to prevent and treat acne in activity as well as improve the aesthetic appearance of scars resulting from acne. The orientation of hygiene and skin cleansing creams with active e ingredients that control the proliferation of bacteria on the skin, peels and masks secativas, skin cleaning, use of radiofrequency and laser are indicated according to the needs of each particular patient.


Permanent elimination of unwanted hair

Hair in unwanted regions, especially on the eyebrows and upper lip, can be treated with the best technologies for the permanent reduction of hair at Núcleo da Pele. Unwanted appearance in these regions undertake interfering on welfare, and can be reduced or even eliminated with laser treatment. The evaluation of skin characteristics, its location and the type of patient’s skin, define which of the technologies will be used: pulsed light or laser. Security in application, speed, efficiency and minimal soreness are benchmarks for excellence in the use of laser hair removal.


Care before and after plastic surgery

The plastic surgeries performed on the face have a much better outcome in the postoperative period when previously prepared with drainage techniques and massages. The immediate postoperative manual lymphatic drainage makes a difference in the recovery and quality of the changes obtained with plastic surgery. The improvement and maintenance, using aesthetic treatments and technologies are also an advantage offered by Núcleo da Pele.


Reduction of fluid retention

Fluid accumulation in the body, due to various factors, produces clinical conditions harmful to health and also participates in the formation of unsightly conditions, for example, cellulite. Fluid accumulation in the body, due to various factors, produces clinical conditions harmful to health and also participates in the formation of unsightly conditions eg, cellulite itself.

Through precise, lightweight, soft, slow and rhythmic maneuvers, following the path of the superficial lymphatic system, it is possible to facilitate the elimination of toxins and fluid retention. Lymphatic drainage is used to great effect in pre-and postoperative of plastic surgery, assisting in the quality of work of the surgeon and the welfare of the patient.


Attenuation of postoperative scars

Recovery of skin tone of the face and neck aging produces sagging skin and deep tissues of the facial structure. The muscles lose their tone and also is the accumulation of fat , and the action of gravity law on this set produces the unpleasant effect which translates the aging face. The ideal is to work proactively on the skin and the deep structures of the face including muscles and localized fat. We offers various treatments and technologies that can be applied in order to stimulate the production of collagen and remodeling damaged by chronological factors . The electrotherapy , radiofrequency , ultrasound and laser options are available for treatment of these cases of sagging and lifting or lifting of the structures of the face and neck . These treatment modalities are minimally- invasive , does not require withdrawal from usual activities and when applied by a team of well prepared professionals, produce significant and lasting changes.


More natural expression and youthful appearance

Chronological aging and the resulting action of solar radiation causes skin tags, which are called wrinkles. This process is evolutionary and progressive, and its degree of variable and dependent on multiple factors, including the care that the person has lifelong skin of the face, neck, chest and hands intensity. The preventive and therapeutic treatment of fine wrinkles and skin tags, in Núcleo da Pele  is custom and done by experienced professionals.


Treatment of acne scars and post-surgical

Acne, after healing, results in unsightly marks which usually repeat the same regions and over the years, are unpleasant and cause very deep emotional impact. The surgery, no matter how well conducted, produce definitive marks, which are the postsurgical scars. The quality of the scars depends on several factors, including the individual reaction of each person. Núcleo da Pele has a number of treatments to alleviate the unsightly appearance of marks from acne and post-surgical scars.


Reduction of hair loss

Factors such as genetic predisposition, hormonal balance, stress and other diseases can cause hair loss. When treated preventively, it is possible to reduce the advancement of hair loss and ensuing baldness. Hair loss can happen to men and women at different ages. Treatment with topical agents applied directly to the scalp, and the use of specific laser treatment options are used by professionals in Núcleo da Pele.

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