Reduction of localized fat

The treatment of localized fat without surgery is possible through the combination of focused ultrasound with radio frequency technology.
The UltraShape Contour V3 ® is approved by the U.S. FDA for the reduction of fat cells in an instant, selectively and permanently way.


Fighting cellulite

Cellulite is a disease of fat cells that leads to impairment of the skin.
SmoothShapes ® combines laser and light energy with endermologie, acting within the fat cells compromised by cellulite, improving oxygenation of tissues and repairing the fragile collagen.


Reduction of sagging skin

Núcleo da Pele offers the best in radio frequency technology for the treatment of facial and body sagging. The Apollo TriPollar ® radiofrequency acts beyond treating sagging skin also acts to reduce localized fat and cellulite.

Manthus - Estética Curitiba


Fighting cellulite and localized fat

The treatment of cellulite and localized fat can be performed using the simultaneous combination of ultrasonic waves and stereodynamics currents. The Manthus ® technology is proven safe and effective in controlling cellulite and reducing measures.

Silkshape - tratamento para a celulite Curitiba


Fighting cellulite

Cellulite can be treated associated with various techniques and proven efficient equipment. The medical endermologie of SilkShape uses rollers and vacuum to the breakdown of fibrosis found in the cellulitis, and promote lymphatic drainage, eliminating the accumulation of fluid located.

Vip-line - tratamento para a celulite Curitiba


Weight loss and reduction of measurement

The process of weight loss usually is accompanied by sagging and loss measurements in unwanted regions. The equipment Vip Line ® is a potent aid in weight loss, prevention and correction of sagging, harmonizing body contouring.

Clear-peel - Estética Curitiba


Skin Rejuvenation

The treatment of acne scar, scars, lines, wrinkles, spots and pores can be accomplished with the use of crystal peeling. Consists in a gradual and controlled mechanical exfoliation through vacuum and crystals of aluminum oxide, resulting in a more youthful and hydrated skin.

Hygialux - Estética Curitiba


Treatment of acne and accelerated healing

Postoperative rehabilitation of plastic surgery can be shortened and enhanced with the use of technology of light emitting diodes. Hygialux is the latest generation equipment that uses the emission of LED to accelerate the healing process, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment and bleaching of stains.


Reduction of unwanted hair

Núcleo da Pele offers the best technologies for the reduction of unwanted hair on all skin types safely, quickly, effectively and minimal pain.

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