Massoterapia curitiba

We offer relaxing massages, shiatsu, bamboo therapy, treatment with hot stones and various other options of treatments for diseases, or preventative measures that strengthen the body and make it more balanced and resistant to diseases. The emotional gain is also evident: greater well-being and quality of life.


Reductive body massage or lipomassage

It is a massage technique that, with firm and precise movements, helps eliminate fat and toxins from the skin, especially in areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, outer thighs, buttocks and arms. The stimulating massage activates skin microcirculation and promotes lipolysis or fat breakdown, improving the overall appearance and health of tissues.

The shaping massage is also able to activate the peripheral blood circulation and stimulate the production of more elastin and collagen in the skin, contributing to your health and appearance.


Relaxation and improved health

Therapeutic massage can be a complement to traditional medical treatments, it promotes relaxation and wellbeing by stimulating and activating the neuromuscular system.

Can also be used preventively in people of all ages, and has visible effects on your body when the massages are done frequently and regularly. Núcleo da Pele offers a variety of therapeutic massages options, all performed by trained and experienced professionals.


Special care to improve recovery

Who has just undergone surgical procedures and is in recovery needs special care, and massage can contribute to faster return to normal activities.

It is recommended to perform lymphatic drainage treatments and cosmetic products before surgery and lymphatic drainage massage therapy postoperatively, again. With these measures it is possible to reduce the intensity of swelling and bruising, speed up the recovery process and promote relaxation and well-being newly operated patient.


Stress relief and stress reduction

Reflexology is a massage originated in traditional Oriental medicine, held in the hands and feet, with relaxation effect for the whole body. The purpose of massage is to stimulate specific points on the feet and hands, creating reflections to the organs corresponding to these points.

With reflexology is possible to fetch the body balance by releasing or relieving stress points that form due to stress and other problems. The final feeling is deep relaxation, stress relief, peace and rest. Núcleo da Pele offers reflexology as an option of relaxing massage to promote the welfare of their customers, and several other massage modalities.


Relief from stress and tension from the body

Núcleo da Pele offers hot stone massages, known worldwide and used for stress reduction and elimination of points of tension in the body. It is especially pleasant and relaxing during the bays temperatures.

The massage uses crystals and semiprecious stones placed on specific points of the body, or used in motion, performing massage from the feet to the neck. During the massage, the professional is able to identify stress points and work them in a specific way to relieve stress from the client.


Intense massage with bamboo sticks

The originally french technique is performed with bamboo pieces of different sizes, which easily adapt to body contours. The bamboo pieces slides on the skin, usually after application of a specific hot oil massage. Bamboo therapy also promotes lymphatic quite effective, even stronger than the drainage performed with hands, drainage is recommended for those who just want to relax and relieve stress and for those who want to reduce measures and expressions on the face. The movements are very intense and the sessions last about 40 minutes. For longer lasting effects it is recommended to perform massage regularly.


Acupuncture without needles

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese technique, which means finger pressure. It is a massage done only with the fingertips, hands and elbows, stimulating points on the body relative to the flow of energy, according to the traditional oriental medicine.

As an acupuncture without needles, the therapist identifies the main points of each customer tension and applies pressure with the fingers to stimulate your problematic body parts to balance again. Besides the benefits of relaxation and well-being, shiatsu is also recommended for treatment and prevention of diseases.

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